Our Story

Birth of a Brand

I began my journey into natural health and beauty in June 2006. Like so many women, I was tired of the pain, suffering, and high cost of using chemical relaxers on my hair. I was frustrated with not being able to get my hair wet and scratch my scalp when I felt like it. One day, I decided that enough was enough. I wasn’t going to let unhealthy, unpleasant hair care preparations rule my life.

The decision was easy, however, making peace with the ‘natural’ state of my hair was a little more difficult. It felt dry and looked dull. I suddenly realized that all the harsh chemicals I was putting in my hair since the age of five had robbed me of a naturally healthy head of hair. This made me begin to wonder what else these chemicals were doing to me.

As a Registered Nurse, health is very important to me...especially the health of my family and I. So I began doing research on the hair care industry. I was shocked to learn about the plethora of dangerous ingredients that are found in health and beauty products. I found numerous studies which spoke of growing chemical contamination in the human body, and others that linked chemical exposure with human disabilities, genetic mutations, reproductive issues and other diseases. I discovered even low levels of exposure can, over time, have toxic effects.

I realized with horror I was putting myself and my family at risk for years!

It was then I made a commitment to creating safe and personal care products I could feel good about using in my home. I tested, refined, and turned my kitchen into a ‘test lab’ for the next two years. And as time went on, something amazing happened: my dry, dull hair began to flourish and prosper. The texture improved noticeably and the natural sheen returned. My overall health improved too, as did the health of my family.

Soon friends began to ask what I was doing differently. Once I told them, they wanted to try my products. So did their friends...and family...and colleagues. Thus, Wisely Made™ was born.