Modern Gentlemen's Beard Care Kit

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What does a modern gentlemen look like with a beard? Naturally he comes in many ways but the key is to be confident in how he looks.

Max out on your confidence level by getting your beard right with Wisely Made's Modern Gentlemen's Beard Care Kit. It can be used a starter kit or travel set; for you or as a gift to your bearded love one. Either way it is filled with the following premium luxury products:


1- Beard Shampoo- Get your thoroughly cleansed but not dried out with our activated charcoal infused beard shampoo

2- Beard Conditioner- Give your beard the soft texture and smooth sheen you always wanted with our well-thought-out nutritional formula

3- Beard & Shaving Oil-  In addition to combating dryness, these powerhouse ingredients promote hair growth, reduce uncomfortable itch and make your beard easier to groom and manage.

4 & 5- Wood Beard Brush & Sandalwood Beard Comb Set- Evenly distribute our oil throughout that amazing beard with this horse hair bristly brush and real Sandalwood comb (it smells like it too)

6- Shavette or Straight Edge Disposable Blade Razor- Our stainless steel, buffalo horned handle razor is the epitome of sexiness and luxury with its great grip, durability and high quality.



If  your beard is tight, you know you'll be right.